Pastor Mike was born and raised in New Jersey. He became a Christian in 1987 and graduated from Valley Forge Christian College in 1995. He began his preaching and pastoring ministry in 1992 at Summit Avenue Baptist church in Jersey City, NJ while still attending VFCC. He married Dina in 1997, and they came to Vermont for their honeymoon where they were introduced to The Morgan Church family.

The DeSena family moved to Morgan, VT in 1998 and, after serving as the Assistant and Associate Pastor, Mike was called as pastor of The Morgan Church in 2000. Pastor Mike strives to communicate God’s Truth in a manner that average listeners can understand and apply to their lives.

Dina is his partner in life and ministry and helps him in ways too numerous to mention. She is also a teacher at Holland Elementary School in nearby Holland, VT, where they also reside.

Pastor Mike is a musician and often makes music with his children. Pastor Mike's music may be listened to at https://soundcloud.com/sunlightsplatters


20 Years with the DeSena family

In 2018 the Morgan Church held a dinner to celebrate the DeSena Family. Emilia Pare put together this slide presentation from contributions of photos and clippings from Church members.

Church Officials

And I will give you shepherds after my own heart,
who will guide you with knowledge and understanding.

Jeremiah 3:15 New Living Translation (NLT)




Eric Paré

Laura Gobeil

John Gobiel

Homer Selby

Janet Selby

Lisa Spooner

Ben Partridge

Pam Brainard 

Deacons Emeritus

Dan Lowell

Bob Durgin

John Kipp

Deacons meet the last Wednesday

of every month at 630 pm

Executive Board

Cathy Lowell  Executive Chair 

Lisa Spooner  Secretary 

Shelly Winters  Treasurer 

Kent Birch  Assistant Treasurer 

Michelle Gonthier  Education 

Eric Pare  Building/Grounds 

Laurie Cain Music/Worship 

Dina DeSena  Membership/ Evangelism 

Deanna Keenan  Missions 


Building and Grounds Committee 

Mission Statement

The Building & Grounds committee exists to encourage the congregants of the Morgan Church to worship an orderly God by keeping an orderly house. They are the responsible stewards of God’s gift of a place of worship, caring for it, and using it to its peak efficiency.

Rick Pare is the chairperson. 

Membership and Evangelism Committee

Mission Statement

The M & E team exists to train up Christians to effectively share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those around them. This may be done through church evangelism plans and outreaches, as well as through an emphasis on personal evangelism. This team also takes the responsibility of teaching newly saved Christians in the faith and leading them toward church membership.

Dina DeSena is the chairperson

Music and Worship Committee

Mission Statement

The members of the Music and Worship team are worship leaders within a larger group of worshiping people. They inspire others to worship God through their example of creatively nurturing the presence of God in the worship service and in their daily lives. They are also responsible (under the guidance of the deacons and pastor) for the worship service.” 

Laurie Cain is the chairperson

Missions Committee

Mission Statement

The Mission team exists to cultivate in the congregation an awareness of the need for the Gospel, both locally and globally. They are actively involved in supporting worldwide missions and in sharing the Gospel by word and deed in the local community.

Deanna Keenan is the chairperson.

Education Committee

Mission Statement

The Education committee exists to aid in the Christian education of people of all ages who regularly attend the Morgan Church. The team will teach and inspire the Christian to love God and His word, it will teach against theological error and practice, and pay special attention to the training of the new believer.”

Michelle Gonthier is the chairperson. 

Deacon Board

Mission Statement

The Deacon board exists to come alongside the pastor in support and assist him in service to the congregation. They will be students of the word, that they might discern error; they will be people of conviction, that they might stand against error; they will be people of compassion, that they might feel the needs of the congregation; they will be people of prayer, so they will know and understand the character of God, that they might lift up and strengthen the congregation. They will be people with a Biblical positive outlook, that they might encourage God’s people.”

Janet Selby is the chairperson

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others as faithful stewards of God's Grace in various forms

 1 Peter 4:10 New Living Translation (NLT)